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blogging tips “I Can’t Be Interested In S*x When There’s No Money” – Nollywood Actress “Felicia Fred” Speaks

Sunday, 13 August 2017

“I Can’t Be Interested In S*x When There’s No Money” – Nollywood Actress “Felicia Fred” Speaks

Nollywood actress, Felicia Fred, who has featured in over eight movies and bagged an endorsement deal with an energy drink, recently had a chat with a Vanguard correspondent, where she talked about sex, money and love.

According to the actress, she’s not interested in s*x as money is all she wants.

Here are excerpts from the interview:-

In your bio you are described as a public figure, do you think you are a public figure? 

Well, at this point of my life, of my career I see myself as someone who is just standing out. I feel like I haven’t achieved one percent of my dream. Come next two years and I will give you another reply.

What’s your love life like? 

My love life? I have no comment. It’s not my priority at the moment.

So no man has ever rocked your world? 

I think my career should rock my world for now. Before I went into Nollywood I had to school and I come from a very religious family. I had very strict upbringing. For now, I am more focused on my career.

You said you’re from a religious background; how will your dad feel if he sees that twerking video? 

I know he might complain, he will be sad but I will tell him that twerking is an African dance, and I am a proud African, as a proud African twerking is part of our cultural dance. That’s what I will use to convince him because I know he will scream. Besides, my dad is my dad, I am me and I have to live my life.

As far as acting goes; what’s the limit for you? 

I know I can never go Unclad on screen. I want to be in a movie where anybody that sees it could be inspired and want to be an actress. I know I have admired a lot of people in the past like, Joke Silva, Liz Benson, and these are people that when you see their movies, even kids, learn a lot.

Perhaps, if I haven’t seen people like that on screen I wouldn’t have been this hungry or passionate about acting. I would love to interpret my roles but there is a limit to what I can act. Even at this stage as an upcoming actress I select my roles, I select the kind of movies I do because I want to teach lessons of life by my movies.

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